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Hello.  Welcome to our Custom Music page. Below are samples of music composed and produced by the SoundArts team:  Lisa Erhard and Steve Christopher. 
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Meet the Production Team

                   Lisa Erhard                     Steve Christopher
               Composer/Producer            Composer/Producer

We are a team of dynamically creative and experienced writers, arrangers, and producers with hundreds of composed pieces which can be tailored to your needs.   Scroll down the page to listen to a few selections out of our custom library available for use within your project. 

Custom Composing

We specialize in custom writing and producing music from scratch, personally tailoring the music to match the mood, tempo, and style that will compliment, support, and enhance your production.

Customized Editing

We can take a video file of your skating, dancing, or film, and customize to piece of music to that file.   Utilizing state of the art production software, we employ precision timing, tempos changes as needed, mood and style changes with a myriad of instrumentation and arrangement options.

You may also provide us with music of your choice and we will edit it for you per your specifications.

 For further information Email Lisa  or call us at 516-338-8620.

All Music Copyright 2007  Lisa Erhard  and Steve Christopher  All Rights Reserved

Rates for Basic Editing

  Lover's Theme


  Techno Dance   




 Flight on Ice


  Guitar Strings Float   


  Jungle Strings


 Space, the Final Frontier  


 Light at the End of the Tunnel   Instrumental


 Street Fusion  Street Beat/ Jazz Piano Fusion


 Desert Dance  Middle Eastern

  Latin Dance   Latin


 Reggae/  You are the One   Copyright 2003-2007 Higher     Ground Music/  Peter Betan


 Sixteen  Medium Rock


 What do Women Want  Hard Rock/ Driving Beat

 Light at the End of the Tunnel  Inspiring Medium Ballad about Striving and Succeeding

 Sun is Shining  Ballad with changing styles/Tempos



 Sun is Shining  Ballad with changing styles/Tempos

  Ice Cream Man   Extremely Catchy/ Fun/ Upbeat

  Dance Floor  Descriptive Dance with Sung Instructions  for Young Children/ Can be adapted to Skaters movements

All Music Coyright 2007  Lisa Erhard  and Steve Christopher  All Rights Reserved