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Radio Sweepers, Messages on hold, Voice Prompts, Voice Mail , Answering Machine Announcements are provided at reasonable rates in wav or  mp3 format, or CD overnight.  Standard turn-around time is 4-24 hours.

Music is available at  reasonable rates. 


Clients include:

Daily Monday-Friday Weathercasting on:

WKUL FM, Alabama

WNLR AM, Virginia

WLNL AM, New York

KHBR AM, Texas

WFMC AM, North Carolina

WPCC AM, South Carolina

WKIX  FM, North Carolina

WWSZ AM, Kentucky

WCDD FM, Illinois 

Sweepers and Radio Imaging: 

Jason Roy/ 

Steve Oliver/Owner/ Radio NHCWX and The Hurricane Project Inc.

Zack McCarthy / Z107 / Vail, Colorado 

Mike Collins/

 Jerry Steel/The Jazz Show/ 

Mark Stafford, Head Of Music, Radio Caroline, Maidstone, Kent , England
Kris Henderson/Production Manager/HRRL Hard Rock Radio Live, England

 R. Rowland/KMIX103RADIO



"Lisa, thanks for the awesome work on the Capital Rock Show sweepers. Great talent and quick turn-around time. Wow. excellent quality and superb speed of service. Thanks for a well-produced product. "

Jason Roy
host, CRS





" I want to thank you for doing these wonderful audio  promos for our On line
radio station and for our podcast shows. We have received many emails from
our listeners  commenting on the great promos. Again thank you for doing
these audio clips they make us sound  much more professional than we did
without them. I hope we can do business in the future. "

Steve Oliver
Owner Radio NHCWX and The Hurricane Project Inc.

"The Voice Overs were fantastic! Exactly the sound I was looking for!
and fast turn around. "

Zack McCarthy / Z107 / Vail, Colorado 

"I needed a welcoming and energetic voice for the opening of our show.  It was
important to me to have the first voice people hear be a strong one.  Lisa
Erhard was an easy choice for this, not only for her excellent delivery, but
also because she was so professional and fun to work with."

Mike Collins 

"Lisa, thanks for the read, you have a very pleasant smooth style- great voice for commercial work. "
Jerry Steel/The Jazz Show/

"I used Lisa Erhardat SoundArts.bzi for some voice overs for a new syndicated radio show. The voiceovers produced were excellent and I would certainly use
Lisa Erhard again in the future.  "

Mark Stafford, Head Of Music, Radio Caroline, Maidstone, Kent , England

"Lisa Erhard, is our number 1 choice for female voiceovers. Her voice is just amazing. Everything needed for a quality voiceover that stands out from the rest and has definitely grabbed our listeners attention. "

 Kris Henderson - Hard Rock Radio Live / England

 "Great Work on our General William Lee Announcement!! Great Voiceover!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
You're a big help and dependable!!! "

R. Rowland

Contact Lisa: Click here to email 
for further information
Call: 516-338-8620

 Mp3 and Wav files deliverable via internet in 24-48 hours.  
Can overnight CD of finished product. Additional charges apply for CD only.




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